Thursday, 4 June 2015

Busy Fingers!

So many interesting makes were brought in to this week's meeting by our talented members.
 We were pleased to welcome two new ladies who came along to join our group, Veronica and Sue Mc.
So lovely to see them and I am sure they'll both fit in very well. Hope they feel the same and enjoy their time with us.

Josie brought along her super colourful, batik quilt to back and sandwich the layers. 
It's good that we have the space in the Millennium Centre to lay out larger quilts and, as soon as the table were set together, the hands of several ladies helped smooth out and pin Josie's quilt ready for her to tack it. It always feels like such a gesture of the group's friendship when this happens!
It's always so lovely the way the group members help each other this way.
Sue is making good headway with her Celtic Braid runner and her colour choice is so effective.
It will be a real treasure when it is finished.
Lorna is still building the Ark and making all the animals to fill it too. 
This time she made a lion and lioness. Aren't their ears fabulous?
She also finished two elephants.......... not long now before the flood, eh!!
Mo spent this meeting busily making bags for Bravery Beads (for the children going through chemotherapy) and they're sure to love these butterflies.
The boys and girls are of all ages up to 16 so these will be ideal for a teenager.
Still more to come in our next post so be sure to pop back soon.

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