Monday, 9 January 2017

First Meeting of 2107

What a creditworthy start to 2017 by our members who produced so much after the Christmas and New Year holidays. 
Josie started us all off with a demo and showed us how to make the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" block that we will all make towards the group quilt for our July exhibition. 
First we started with scrap fabric and we made sample blocks to learn and perfect the pattern before we moved on to use the special fabric to make the show quilt.
Hopefully all the samples will go towards making cushions for the raffle.

Lorna had started hexagons for a new project.
Maria arrived with two lovely raffle cushions inspired by a recent donation of buttons.
She also made a handy microwave bowl holder.
Brenda is taking her time and enjoying making two sets of reindeer and Santa's sleigh for next Christmas. Great detail  and they will be so effective.

Lovely to see Kathy back amongst looking good us after her recent operation and she was also working ahead to finish another Christmas mantle drape.

Josie had started making some handy towel hangers for the sales table at our July show....
Keep up all the good work everyone and we will have an excellent display to our credit for our show in July.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Christmas Party

Happy New Year 2017 to all our group members and also to anyone who drops in to share our quilting activities on this blog. Our last meeting was just before Christmas so we took the opportunity to celebrate.
A few of the group were still working on a few final makes for Christmas and Pat B had made this great tree hanging which will definitely be one of my projects for later in the year. 
Margie was hand stitching a set of lovely little felt Nativity characters which would be strung into a vertical hanging. 
We met up at 10am, our usual time for tea, coffee, mince pies and biccies and swapped cards. We had a fun prize quiz so it was heads down and several attempts to crib answers too.
Marg M made this lovely cushion cover and brought it in for show and tellAt lunch time we moved across the road to the Sefton Arms, the local pub, for our Annual Christmas DinnerJosie chose a double stack festive burger which was served in an old fashioned enamel roasting dishbut most of the others chose a traditional Christmas roastThanks to all for the good company and fun that we had and let's hope 2017 brings only good things and happiness to everyone.