Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Skeleton Quilt and Giraffes

The fabric for this super, wacky, quilt was bought by Josie when we visited  Quilters Trading Post (see last post) and at our next meeting she had the top made! Her grandson will love it, I'm sure!
Fabulous co-ordinating fabrics for the borders around the offset panel.
Lorna is making an animal quilt and keeps arriving at meetings with sets of fantastic animal blocks.
These striking giraffes are the latest arrivals.....
Still more to "Show & Tell" so keep popping in.

Interested in joining us?
Group Membership
Due to a couple of our members having to leave us through health reasons, we are now able to offer their places in the group.
 If anyone can manage to get to Liverpool for two Wednesdays a month and would like to share quilting skills, fun and friendship, in a pleasant spacious environment, please leave a comment with contact info (which will not be published) and we will get back to you with full details. We are a mixed level of skills, styles, and interests and beginners are welcome but, please note that,  whilst we have occasional workshops, we do not have regular formal teaching sessions. As you can see on this blog, we also make smaller items such as bags, hangings, seasonal decorations and, each month we set a block challenge. 
As well as our quilting sessions we organise days out to shows and places of interest.


  1. found you girls x will be keeping an eye on your "exploits" now x

  2. You've clearly got quite a talent there! I particularly like the giraffe quilts they're just the sweetest!


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