Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quilters Trading Post Visit

 We had a group trip to Quilters Trading Post, in the Cheshire countryside, but the place is so wonderful that it warrants a return visit so, here are some pictures to give a taste of what it offers.

Immediately on entry there are inspiring sample quilts to see.
 The spacious rooms display a great variety of quality fabrics from the main brands, plus stands of trimmings, notions and all the items quilters just need.
I love the old chapel windows as can be seen above the stands of threads.
 The Christmas fabrics are on sale all year round in this corner.
The stands of batiks lead through to the large classroom.
so much inspiration and the main quilt on this wall was a class project.

This lovely appliqué is a sample from one of the forthcoming classes.
At the other end of the building this corridor, filled with a good selection of extra wide backing fabrics, leads through to the long-arm machines which provide a professional quilting service which some of our members have used for their quilts.

This star quilt shows how a top can be enhanced on the machines.
The building was once a chapel, then a schoolhouse, before it became this haven for quilters.
Pam, Emma and all the staff are so friendly, informative and helpful and it is well worth travelling to pay them a visit. 
Dagfields Craft & Antique Centre is only a few minutes away 
and also nearby is Bridgemere Garden Centre.

Finishing this post with a blast of Spring. These beauties started off in the supermarket looking like three slim packs of asparagus but soon turned into this lovely display. Well worth a couple of pounds!


  1. Yes we have been there too - only about an hour away from me and less for Annie - fab place. Of course I will make a few more bead bags Jo - never struggle alone! x Jo

  2. Wow, I could get lost in there only to eventually return days later having spent a fortune!


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