Friday, 15 January 2016

Christmas Makes & Catching Up

There's so much to catch up with all the super that members have brought in before, and since Christmas, so I'll post lots of pics without much explanation. 
It's essential to record makes incase anyone of our group wants to make these items again in the future. They are here for reference and inspiration.

This superb Japanese influenced quilt has involved a long period of handstitching by Sue but here it is, almost finished. Very desirable Sue, and if ever you are giving it away there will be a race to be first in the queue!

Another Liberty Quilt from Jo, now winging it's way to Germany to grace her sofa.
Lots of Festive Makes....
A lovely swag of Holly Leaves from Veronica.
Another Feather Tree by Jo which is more effective in these fabrics than the previous one in dark green.
Wreath made with the craft felt bargain bought at the Malvern Show.
Snowflake Table Centre.... pattern available from Jo 

    Table Centre, really easy as it's just made from squares joined up in key points.Template over at JoZart Blog on 5th January
  Lorna showed us her first piece of patchwork and quilting! Fabulous work and certainly one for our record.
Another from Lorna. Everyone loved this crazy patchwork quilt which is also one of her early makes. There is interest in us making blocks towards a group quilt in this technique.
I think we are up to date now but it's always exciting to see the "Show & Tell" at each meeting....... next one next week.

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