Monday, 23 March 2015

Message to Cornerstone Quilters

Block of the Month (Mo)

Size 10"
Style - Any Style
Rich colours

Block of the Month (Val)

Size 10.5" Calico Background
Style - Applique work
Pastel colours

Harrogate Trip 4th September

If you haven't already given your name, ring Josie

1st April
Julie, from Making for Charity, sends apologies that she cannot come on this date to demonstrate how to make the syringe driver bags for cancer patients. She will arrange another date to visit when she  will tell us all about the need for these bags but meanwhile Julie has sent Jo a pack with pattern, instructions and samples so that we can all get started.
 Beads of Courage Bags

Jo will also bring samples for making Beads Courage Bags which reward children for their bravery whilst going through their cancer treatment.

The children receive a bead for each procedure they endure, lumbar punctures, bone marrow, etc. Each colour represents a different treatment, e.g., Stars for being a good patient, blue and red for blood samples, but the most important one is the final flower bead to signify the completion of it all.
Beads of Courage (or Bravery Beads)

The hospital requested that each child has an interesting bag each in which to store these precious keepsakes so they can identify their own and keep them safe.

The bags should be approximately 8 ins x 10 ins, preferably lined and with a double draw string to close.

They should each be slightly different so each child can identify their own bag and they don't get mixed up.
Don't forget colours and designs for boys and also for teenage girls and boys.
There's a chance here to practise your appliqué skills by adding a simple motif to plain bags if there isn't any printed fabric available.
No need to go to great expense as odd remnants of fabric can be joined to pieces of good condition unwanted sheet or duvet fabric.

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